Updated App Version NOW Available

I am please to announce the Newest Version of INfinity TV  Infinity 3.0 is now available to download and Install

use Downloader App   Type https://bit.ly/3DPheYY    This will give you the latest version   ENJOY!!

6th Sep 2021
web site

web site is now  https://getinfinitystreams.net  installtion on there and updated   filelinked is down  so use downloader and the bit/ly url posted

22nd Jun 2021
Jan 1, 2021 Package Update

3 month packages and longer have been removed from service options   Service will only be sold Month to Month going forward So when renewing it will be for 1 month Month to Month Sorry for any inconvenience

2nd Jan 2021
Service Issue

Anyone having a service issue over night    simply log out and back in to resolve issue  Thank you

14th Nov 2020
No Longer Accepting NEW Customers

Please Submit Ticket for Service           Register and submit Ticket from your Infinity Client Area  NOT accepting NEW Customers any other way

When submitting a Ticket  Let me know  1 Month or 3 Months and How Many Devices  1-5   I will then contact you and Create Invoice

5th Oct 2020
Infinity App Download

Type in the following address in downloader app get.filelinked.com this will download then install filelinked
Filelinked Code is 19206841 Click Infinity Download and install

14th Sep 2020

Free trails will no longer be available as of Monday August 24, 2020     Also will NOT be accepting any NEW customers after October 1, 2020

22nd Aug 2020
Usernames and Passwords

When Creating a username and password  DO NOT use just first name as it will NOT be accepted  do NOT use 123 or Abc  As it will NOT work for Trials etc

Easiest to use NUMBERS as everything is case sensitive  Once a username is created in db it CANNOT be used again by another Client

15th Jul 2020
Scheduled Maintenance 5/5/2020

Tuesday we are scheduling maintenance, it will start midnight and it will run till 5am, we will take service down at 3 am for about 1 hour while we do upgrades to our service, so no ned to reports or tickets as they will be answered pertaining to this
Thank you

5th May 2020
Payments HELP Credit/Debit

When making or choosing a payment  use PAYPAL  even if you do not have pay pal   the invoice will direct you to pay pal   use your pay pal info OR under the blue pay pal is a GREY button for Credit/Debit  (Card of Choice)  then enter your card to pay   it will use Pay Pal as the Merchant to complete your payment

25th Jan 2020