Usernames and Passwords

When Creating a username and password  DO NOT use just first name as it will NOT be accepted  do NOT use 123 or Abc  As it will NOT work for Trials etc

Easiest to use NUMBERS as everything is case sensitive  Once a username is created in db it CANNOT be used again by another Client

15th Jul 2020
Scheduled Maintenance 5/5/2020

Tuesday we are scheduling maintenance, it will start midnight and it will run till 5am, we will take service down at 3 am for about 1 hour while we do upgrades to our service, so no ned to reports or tickets as they will be answered pertaining to this
Thank you

5th May 2020
Payments HELP Credit/Debit

When making or choosing a payment  use PAYPAL  even if you do not have pay pal   the invoice will direct you to pay pal   use your pay pal info OR under the blue pay pal is a GREY button for Credit/Debit  (Card of Choice)  then enter your card to pay   it will use Pay Pal as the Merchant to complete your payment

25th Jan 2020

There will be NO FREE TRIALS during Big UFC PPVs etc  i will make an EVENT ONLY package if you just want to watch the EVENT ONLY  it will be a 48 hour only package for $10

17th Jan 2020

You cannot use a username that is already been used in the system in general  no symbols can be used   best to use just numbers  no spaces  if you create a log in and it doenst work  do not try to create it again it will not work and you will end up with multiple users in your accountif you need help please just TEXT me  813-997-8456 and i ... Read More »

10th Jan 2020
Installation/Set Up/Support

Installation Instructions for supported Devices are located here questions can be answered by visiting the above link on my websiteFor other questions, issues or support you MUST SUBMIT A TICKET PLEASENo Emails, Phone Calls or Texts Please so that each customer can be assisted ... Read More »

18th Dec 2019
Thank for visiting our website

Welcome to Our Website. You have made a great choice and we want to help you get up and running as quickly as possible.


23rd Jul 2018